How to Find the Serial Number/Version for BRU

Get the Version & Serial Number:

The command below applies to all versions on all platforms for BRU.

    $ bru -h

The above command will show an output of the version information which should look something like the following:

    # bru -h
    usage: bru -cdeghitx [-#AabBCDEfFGIjlLmnNoOpPQRSrsTuUvVwXYZ] file(s)...
    backup: bru -cvf /dev/tape /path-to-backup
    restore: bru -xvf /dev/tape /file(s)-to-restore
    BRU is a backup software product licensed by TOLIS Group. It is NOT public
    domain, open source, or shareware. Versions are available for almost any type
    of Unix system. For more information on BRU or for product technical support,
    please contact:
    TOLIS Group, Inc.
    8687 E. Via de Ventura
    Suite 115
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258 USA
    Phone: (480) 505-0488 Fax: (480) 505-0492
    For additional help, try:
    man bru or
    man /bru/bru.1
    Or visit our web site for our online manuals.
    Release: 18.0.1
    Serial number: 8251-0001
    Registrant: <nobody>
    BRU ID: LI/X3
    Encryption: disabled
    Remote shell: /usr/bin/rsh
    Remote device server: /etc/rmt
    Archive: +OVERWRITEPROTECT=yes
    Media size: <unknown>
    Buffer size: 20k bytes
    Queries to: /dev/tty
    Replies from: /dev/tty
    Device table: /etc/brutab [ BRUTAB ]
    Incl/excl pattern: /etc/bruxpat [ BRUXPAT ]
    Max warnings: 1000 [ BRUMAXWARNINGS ]
    Max errors: 500 [ BRUMAXERRORS ]
    Copyright: Copyright (c) 1985-2008, TOLIS Group, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved.

The only two fields that you need are the first two. The "Release" and "Serial number" fields.

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