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The TOLIS Group Family of products may be developed by the TOLIS Group Engineering Team, but it's the feedback, suggestions, and ideas from our customers that make the products better.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas on all of our products.  Whether you're a demo/evaluation user or have used BRU since it began in 1985, we would like to hear what you have to say.

Please note that submissions from this form may not receive a response in any type of definitive time frame.  All submissions received are reviewed on a "as time permits" basis.  Additionally, while all submissions are reviewed and considered, not all submissions are honored and placed into the requested product.


This form is not to be used to contact TOLIS Group Regarding support or compatibility questions. The emails received are delivered into an account in which the Technical Support Team and the BRU Sales Team do not have access. For TOLIS Group Technical Support, please visit the Support Center and for compatibility questions, please contact BRU Sales.

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