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"As a new user of BRU, I was very pleasantly surprised at the excellent level of technical support provided by the staff at TOLIS. I have asked a lot of questions as I have worked through the setup and configuration of our server, and the support I have received has been timely, professional and courteous. Many thanks to the TOLIS team for their assistance."
Bob Bolt — Network Systems Analyst
Faculty of Education — University of Alberta

Technical Support Notes
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Need a Extended Support Agreement?

TOLIS Group provides Extended Support Agreements to customers that are outside of the initial 30-days of free technical support.  A 1-Year (12 calendar months) agreement provides a variety of benefits and easy access to expert technical support which includes:

  • Free product updates including version changes & special discounts on applicable upgrades
  • Unlimited Telephone assistance in which anyone within your organization may call
  • Unlimited E-mail support
  • Fax support
  • One (1) hour of remote login assistance, if necessary

An additional benefit of technical support from TOLIS Group that is unlike any other support team is that our technical support representatives do not have call times. Therefore, you will not be on the phone with one agent and after a specified period of time be transferred to another agent.  Our representatives will be able to assist you via telephone for as much time that is needed.

Additionally, TOLIS Group does not have "levels" of support (i.e. Level 1, Level 2, etc), thereby all technical support agents are trained with the same knowledge and abilities.  So you can rest assured that the information and support you receive will be the same for any technical support agent that you may speak to on the phone or via email.

Online Purchase/Renewal

For customers residing in U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico you may purchase or renew your technical support agreement online.

Purchase/Renew Support Agreement

End-of-Life/Discontinued Products

The following products have been discontinued/End-of-Life and are not longer supported by TOLIS Group Technical Support:

  • BRU-Pro
  • BRU Personal Edition
  • BRU 16.0 and earlier
  • BRU Server v1.2.0 and earlier

We no longer support these products. Please contact BRU Sales for information about upgrading your product.

†TOLIS Group Technical Support is only available to customers with a current support agreement or customers that are within the first 30-days of product purchase/activation.

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